About the authors

GoodPopBadPop is the brainchild of Graham Haworth and LB Thomas. Friends since their freshman year of high school, Graham and LB both have a deep passion and interest in music, film, literature, television, and art.

Graham grew up on the likes of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Metallica (with brief and forgettable forays into Poison, Vanilla Ice, and Warrant); “Caddyshack,” “Ghost Busters,” and “Animal House”; Stephen King and Rolling Stone magazine; “Monty Python” and “The Daily Show.” He holds a journalism degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and has written about music and pop culture for the Santa Cruz Sentinel and the San Luis Obispo Tribune, among other publications.

lb madonna

LB, on the other hand, was groomed on Fleetwood Mac, Madonna, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Phil Collins and New Kids On The Block; “Footloose,” “Star Wars” and “Top Gun”; Sweet Valley High and Bop magazine; “The Wonder Years,” “The Cosby Show” and “Beverly Hills, 90210.” She holds a journalism degree from San Jose State University, and has written about movies and music for Netflix and the San Jose Mercury News.

Over the years, Graham and LB have had lively conversations about the artistic merits of their chosen favorites. Let’s just say they have different tastes and ideas concerning pop culture. Occasionally, they agree with each other; more often than not, they don’t.

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